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The Thanksgiving Countdown Tips

Preparing a Thanksgiving Feast Does Not Have to be Difficult!

Thanksgiving has a different meaning for every person sitting at the dinner table. For most, it marks the beginning of the holiday season during which food is often a focal point. For most Americans, turkey is the main course on Thanksgiving Day. From sauerkraut to rigatoni, family favorites creep into the menu alongside more traditional dishes with the turkey like stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, and other accompaniments.

While these traditions and expectations are part of what makes Thanksgiving so special, they can also be very intimidating to a new or part-time cook. It takes special effort to remember everyone's favorite sides, dessert, and, most importantly, how to time the meal so the turkey is ready before dessert time. With a little organization, a few simple recipes, and tips from people who have conquered the Thanksgiving feast already, even a novice cook can prepare and enjoy a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal.

The Thanksgiving Countdown

Organization is the key to a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Use the following checklist to help plan your meal, and stick to a reasonable time line.

Up to Three Weeks Before Thanksgiving

One Week Before Thanksgiving

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

Staying organized, following food safety instructions, and using spices and other staple items to accent pre-packaged goods can make preparing a Thanksgiving meal fun and easy. Consider using the slow cooker or crock-pot to cook in or warm up side dishes to free up oven space. Or even consider cooking side dishes in the microwave oven and then transfer the food to a slow cooker or crock-pot to keep food warm. These tips and recipes from our web site will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the holiday festivities with your guests.

Turkey Cooking Tips

Turkey Recipes

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